Let Mobius Binary determine whether your application, system or network is clearly secure or not.

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Who is Mobius Binary?

Designed as a centre of excellence, Mobius Binary was established when Mobius Consulting saw the need for a stand-alone entity within the Mobius Group to focus purely on Security Testing.

Mobius Binary’s link to Mobius Consulting offers clients a two-fold strategic advantage. Using a series of penetration testing exercises, Mobius Binary is able to identify and report on the information security vulnerabilities within organisations. The Mobius Consulting experts can then formulate solutions based on these penetration tests by assisting companies to build the people, process, technology and governance required to prevent these root causes from happening again.

The Team at Mobius Binary

Behind Mobius Binary stands a team of highly skilled IT professionals, each with many years of experience in IT and penetration testing.

Why Choose Mobius Binary?

Hacker Mindset

Understand the hacker’s processes from their perspective.

Secure Vulnerabilities

Let us identify vulnerable areas in your organisation’s security in order to rectify them.

Clearly Secure

Gain clarity on whether your security controls are adequate or not.

We are Global

Mobius Binary is the ideal remote delivery service. Clients can access Mobius Binary Security Testing services from anywhere in the world.

Protect what matters most

Identify the vectors that hackers are most likely to use to attempt to access your critical data so that you can implement the controls to protect it.


The Mobius Binary team successfully services a wide range of industries and clients across the globe, with a proven track record of excellence. Our services include:

internal penetration testing

Internal penetration testing

external penetration testing

External penetration testing

web application penetration testing

Web application penetration testing

vulnerability assessment

Vulnerability assessments

firewall device reviews

Firewall/network device review

operating system

Operating system / database review

mobile application security testing

Mobile application security testing

red teaming

Continuous red teaming

security testing training courses

Security testing training courses

security testing advisory

Security testing advisory