Mobius Binary presents a podcast series where we get into the technical details of penetration testing and the common challenges that companies face, along with the techniques our security testing experts use.

Episode 11: An introduction to Cloud Penetration Testing with Junaid Chikte

Cloud Security with a chance of...risk? It doesn't have to be like that. In our new podcast episode, Junaid Chikte shares how Cloud PenTesting exposes security vulnerabilities so that your business operations can continue - clearly secure - in the Cloud.

Episode 10: The Mobius Binary Difference

Are you confident that your organisation is clearly secure?

Senior Manager Graeme Huddy breaks down what makes Mobius Binary different, the unique way we approach penetration testing, and how we help clients become clearly secure.

Episode 9: Alex Nightingale on his Recruitment & Penetration Testing journey

Do you want to begin (or expand) your career in Penetration Testing?
We are always looking for passionate individuals to join our team and every journey is unique.

Hear from Alex Nightingale about the path he has taken from being a professional sky-diver to an established Pen. Tester for Mobius Binary.

Episode 8: Managing Network Vulnerabilities with SD-WAN

Mobius Binary's Security Analyst, Rory Hattingh, discusses the cost, capability, and security factors to consider when implementing SD-WAN solutions.

We also discuss approaching SD-WAN security from a penetration testing perspective and the key things to look out for during this process.

Episode 7: Common Cloud Security Vulnerabilities and How to Identify Them

As organisations move to cloud environments, cloud security is still a new concept, putting them at risk of cyber attacks.

Presented by Graeme Huddy and Senior Security Analyst Junaid Chikte, this episode of the Mobius Binary podcast series uncovers common cloud security vulnerabilities and how to identify them. By benchmarking against leading cloud security practices, our experts have determined that most companies underestimate the scope of work required to protect and improve their cloud security posture.

Episode 6: Threat Simulation Testing - How to Protect Against Cyber Attacks

In this episode presented by Junaid Chikte, Senior Security Analyst at Mobius Binary, we identify several threat simulation exercises while unpacking a number of attack matrices and techniques that are used across the board.

When simulating attacks, ethical hackers replicate the most common attacks to test for any potential vulnerabilities. Companies have the opportunity to respond to the attack to determine whether their security framework is clearly secure or not.

Episode 5: Understand Open Source Intelligence Tools with Robert Len

Mobius Binary's Lead Security Analyst, Robert Len, discusses Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools and shares his insights on the following:

  • Which OSINT tools can be used across the typical stages of security testing (or attack)
  • How hackers use the information gathered from OSINT to harm your organisation
  • The type of attackers and risks that organisations face today

Episode 4: Information Risks Exposed - How Vulnerable is your Home Network Security?

Are you working from home? Without a secure home network, hackers can easily infiltrate your network and access your information.

In this episode, Senior Manager Graeme Huddy and Lead Security Analyst Robert Len discuss the little-known security risks of remote working and the practical measures you can implement to secure your environment - such as regularly updating your browser and plugins.

Episode 3: How to Manage Information Overload

Whether you are a cyber security specialist or a university student, applications like Notion and Evernote can play an important role in streamlining information management.

Listen to this episode where Graeme Huddy, Robert Len, and Jason Colyvas open up about how they as penetration testers successfully manage information when combing the internet.

Episode 2: What is Mimikatz?

In this episode, Rory Hattingh, Security Analyst at Mobius Binary, discusses Mimikatz, open-source software that allows the user (who has root authentication) to expose credentials - including logins and passwords - on Windows.

Mimikatz can be used for any internal penetration testing exercise, and that is what makes it so popular among penetration testers.

Episode 1: Mobile Penetration Testing and App Security

In this episode, our Lead Security Analyst, Robert Len, discusses mobile penetration testing.

Tune in to better understand how secure (or not) the apps you use on your phone are, as well as the penetration tests that Mobius Binary performs to reveal security vulnerabilities.

Introducing Mobius Binary

Mobius Binary has a proven track record of delivering security testing services for a wide range of industries across the globe.

Security testing services include internal and external penetration testing, web application penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, operating system/database review, firewall/network device review, mobile application security testing, continuous red teaming, security testing training courses and security testing advisory services.


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